How To Identify Real 925 Silver Jewelry

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Author : Xiao Yu
Update time : 2023-07-11 18:42:17
Identify The Authenticity Of 925 Silver Jewelry

Silver Logo
Genuine 925 silver jewelry usually has a "925" logo engraved on the silver jewelry, which means it contains 92.5% pure silver. You can double check the inside of your silver jewelry, clasp or pendant for this symbol.
Quality Certification
Buy 925 silver jewelry with authoritative quality certification, such as international silver standards. These certification bodies conduct rigorous testing on silver jewelry to ensure its quality meets standards.

Merchant Reputation
Choose reputable merchants for purchases, especially those with licenses and formal sales channels. They usually come with an authenticity guarantee and provide after-sales service.

Color Change
Real 925 silver jewelry will produce a certain degree of oxidation change after a period of time, showing a slight yellow or black, which is the natural reaction of silver jewelry. If the silver jewelry is too shiny or too dull, it may be other alloys or silver plated products.

Price And Weight
925 silver jewelry is usually reasonably priced without being overly expensive. If the price is too low, it may be a low-quality or counterfeit product. In addition, you should pay attention to the weight of silver jewelry, because 925 silver is heavier compared to other alloys.

After-Sale Guarantee
Pay attention to whether the merchant provides return guarantee when purchasing, and understand the specific policy of return and exchange. Formal merchants usually provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the rights and satisfaction of consumers.

In short, when purchasing 925 silver jewelry, pay attention to silver logo, quality certification, merchant reputation, observe color changes, price and weight, and understand after-sales protection, etc., which can help identify real 925 silver jewelry and ensure that you buy high-quality products.
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